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GetTheAudience docs

Developing your Twitter audience, effectively

Welcome to the official documentation of GetTheAudience!

The entrepreneur's process of co-building a product with their audience

Start with the tutorial above, to learn the entrepreneur's process for audience development:

  1. Discover: Find your audience where they hang out.
  2. Listen: Listen to learn what they care about, who are the influencers, and when is the best time to reach them online.
  3. Understand & model: Create a model of your ideal audience members, as a persona with the jobs they want to get done
  4. (In)validate problem: Invite real people for an interview or a survey, to learn whether your assumptions about their needs are valid.
  5. Build solution: Build a product or service that solves their problem, or speaks to their needs and desires.
  6. Demo and (in)validate solution: Show your audience what you've built.
  7. Learn: Get feedback about what you've built. Analyze it and learn from it.
  8. Adapt the plan: Transform the feedback you got into actionable steps for the next iteration.